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Autumn maple-tree viewing of Japan

Autumn in Japan

japanese autumn

Japan has four seasons.
Spring, summer, autumn, winter. I can taste colorful scenery by a season.
It is autumn in Japan in November.

Trees change color. It may be said that it is the most beautiful season in autumn.
At this time, we Japanese enjoys “autumn colors”.

autumn color We write “autumn colors” as “紅葉”(ko-yo-) in Japanese. It is the meaning called a red leaf. It is in condition to have changed color right before a leaf dies.


Maple-tree viewing of Japan

we express the maple-tree viewing with “紅葉狩”(momiji-gari) in Japan.


“狩” is a meaning called the hunting.
Not only Japanese hunt a beast and a bird , but also hunt fruit and the nut.
And we Japanese expresses that I enjoy the beauty of the trees and plants and the flower with “狩”.

Everybody goes to the mountain. And I watch colored leaves and taste a season.
It is Maple-tree viewing.

It is called “紅葉狩(momiji gari)” in Japanese.
The Japanese did “紅葉狩 “(maple-tree viewing)for more than 1,000 years.

The modern Japanese cannot help loving colored leaves again, too.

Movei and Place to see beautiful autumn colors

The colored leaves are told that a waterside is beautiful.
The waterside is humid, and this is because the color of the leaf lasts a long time.
The beautiful state before dying is an instant.


It is the animation of colored leaves of Kyoto. You can experience Japanese ”紅葉狩”.

Please come to look at the beautiful state in Japan if there is an opportunity by all means.

Really beautiful.

I introduce the point that is famous for colored leaves.

Place to see beautiful autumn colors

Waterfall (Ibaraki) of Fukuroda(Ibaragi)

by 茨城県観光物産協会

Oirase mountain stream (Aomori)

Amateur pix of Jimmy L by Trip Advisor

Kiyomizu-dera Temple (Kyoto)

Amateur pix of jordanchong by Trip Advisor

Nasu Kogen (Tochigi)

by http://monoda1.com/html/nasu_kouyou_1.html

Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route (Toyama)

Amateur pix of 元メガネ by Trip Advisor

Miya-jima (Itsukushima) (Hiroshima)

Amateur pix of takamyu by Trip Advisor

Senjojiki curl (Nagano)

Amateur pix of Masataka N by Trip Advisor

Yorokeikoku (Chiba)



You should like maple-tree viewing of Japan.

Thank you for reading.

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