Intoroduce of family crest in japan .

Family crest in japan

Japanese have a family crest

Do you know Family crest in japan?
Family crest is something like emblem of the house.





Family crest has been used to express own family such as the blood relationship, lineage, family’s social standing, a position than old times. With other houses used family crest for a long time in Japan to distinguish it.

For example, they were used for a sword and armor and a kimono willingly and penetrated for the living of people.

Using the family crest

Family crest that has entered the sword


The most famous family crest

Family crest of the Emperor


Chrysanthemum with 16 petals.This is a family crest of the Emperor.

Family crest of the Tokugawa

tokugawa's family crest

This is a family crest of the Tokugawa . Plant that Aoi is the motif .

Try looking for the family crest

Please observe carefully the historically famous architecture and exhibits .
Maybe then , you might find a family crest .

Pillar with a family crest

Family crest carved in stone

Sculpture of the family crest


If , if there is a family crest . That is what is relevant to the house .
In particular, I think there are many in the Imperial Palace and Toshogu .

Family crest still is inherited

sample family crest

sample family crest

It is inherited in the present age, and there is Family crest where is higher than 241 kinds, 5116 crests only in Japan.

Family crest is used as the crest which expresses birth and a surname as a mark indicating the originality of the house.
If you come to Japan , please try to pay attention to family crest .