Japanese summer tradition . " Wind bell "

Japanese summer tradition . ” Wind bell “

The history of the wind bell

Japanese summer tradition . " Wind bell "

There is the wind-bell in Japan for a long time.
The wind-bell was transmitted from China. In the times much previous than Warring States Period.

Originally it was used as an appliance of fortune-telling and the talisman against evil.
The then wind-bell was bronze.
It was believed that a sound of the wind-bell refused an evil.
From manners and customs of that time, there is a wind-bell of the bronze in the temples now.


Wind-bell as the summer feature

The summer in Japan temperature is humid.
Therefore the illness is infectible, too. Therefore the wind-bell was used as a talisman against evil tool in summer.
From it, the wind-bell colonized as a thing to gradually use in summer in the Heian period and the Kamakura period.

The wind-bell of the glass like now came to (18c) from the Netherlands in the Edo period.
A glassworker of Nagasaki spread it in Edo.

Glass was very precious in those days. Therefore the wind-bell cost 160,000 dollars – 250,000 dollars with a current amount of money.
In the 19th century, a glasswork was commonly used. The common people became able to buy a wind-bell and were prevalent.

The cool tone and appearance are still popular in Japanese.

Festival of wind bell

In Japan , there is also a wind bell of the festival .
Now , Japan is summer .
From here and there is also this year , wind bell sound is heard .